Study in Japan - Learn japanese

1.    Course and number of students to be admitted


Course Name




Class hours

College Preparatory

April 2013

Oct 2013


1.5 year

60 students

40 Students

20 hours/week


General   Course

Oct 2015

6 m/12m

15 Students



2. Qualifications for application

(1) School Career    : Applicants with minimum 12 years school education.

(2) Japanese Ability:  Applicant (College Preparatory Course) who has the qualification of N5 grade Japanese Language Proficiency Test, or at least 150 hours of Japanese language study from a recognized institute.

(3)Limits of Age     :  Over 18yearold

(4) Financial Responsibility: Applicant who has the ability of payment for Tuition Fee and Living Expenses.

(5) Applicant who possess good health, and has the possibility or expectable possibility of entry into Japan through the authentic procedure.

(6) Applicant who abides by the acts and the laws of Japan, and follow the rules and regulations of the school.


3.Procedure of selection

Authorize person or organization will forward the inscription of a desired candidate with some basic information and on the conformation of admission by AJA, the application forms and documents are sent to AJA for Certificate of Eligibility

.Details of Fee Structure

School Expenses


6 months

12 months

Application fee



Admission Fee


Discounted 70,000

Tuition Fee



Teaching Material Fee



Facility use


30 000


\ 450,000


Insurance  Expenses(Optional)

National Health Insurance Fee



Accident Insurance




\ 17,000



Hostel ManagementVilla Sarayama:

Hostel Entrance Fee                              


Hostel facilities use                               


Cleaning fee (Basic)                    



\ 55,000

Single bed room  (per month)     \ 33,000 per month


6 months              198,000

Deposit                 30,000

single bed in twin bed room       \ 18,000 per month


6 months           \108,000 Deposit              30,000

l  Available for 6 months only.

l  Electricity, gas and water bill is not included.

l  All rooms are facilitating with modern facilities.

  Student has to manage his/her own food and living cost. and

  Free airport pick up.

  Free health check up.


5. Required Documents

Application for School Admission and Certificate of Eligibility:

(1) Application for certificate of eligibility:      Immigration Office’s Form (3-sheet-set)

(2) Photographs                              cm×3cm 10 pcs.

(3) Application Form for Admission.            Academy’s Form

(4) Applicant’s Personal Records:               Academy’s Form.

(5) Reason for Study:                         Academy’s Form

(6) Certificate of Japanese Ability Test:         Academy’s Form

(7) Health Certificate:                         Academy’s Form

(8) Written Oath:                             Academy’s Form

(9) Letter of Pledge                           Academy’s Form.

I. Certificate of guarantor’s bank balance, with converted foreign           currency -US$ or JPY.

II. Certificate of the guarantor’s occupation and annual income (one year income): to be issued by the appropriate organization

III. Certificate of relationship between guarantor/sponsor and applicant.

(10) Certificate of the Graduation of the Last School: original.

(11) Certificate of the Results of the Last school: original.

(12) Certificate of Japanese Language School: original. (Only college preparatory course)



*Descriptions on the documents should be made exactly and minutely in all the articles.

*All the documents must be translated into English or in Japanese

*The name, address and date should be coincided with officially issued documents.

*All the provided information should be authentic and certified, in case any defects are found, the permission and the admission may be canceled.